Top Republicans Urged To BETRAY Trump

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Sadly, liberals have resorted to this now.

Veteran investigative journalist Carl Bernstein came out and strongly requested that top Republican leaders in Congress turn their backs on President Donald Trump so that he is forced to give up the presidency just before the election.

According to the Washington Examiner, Bernstein referred back to the Watergate scandal, where Sen. Barry Goldwater, Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, and House Minority Leader John Rhodes urged then President Richard Nixon to resign in 1974.

“Something similar is needed now. If only the Republican leadership and other Republicans would go publicly and say to this president, ‘All right, you want to stay for the rest of your term, but we are going to be a caretaker until this election, and you must begin to act in the national interests and in fact we would like to find another alternative to run as the Republican nominee for president of the United States,'” Bernstein stated.

Bernstein then called into question President Trump’s competence, “I don’t think there’s any question about Richard Nixon’s competence. He understood history. Watergate was a terrible abuse of power, the likes of which we had never seen up until that time. This is a totally different situation. We have a president of the United States now who demonstrably is not capable or stable enough or understands the history or the principles of the United States to act responsibly in the national interest.”

“It’s time for the Republicans to act. That is what we need. We need them to set up a guardrail to protect us from this president in the next three months,” Bernstein stated. “They understand — including what you saw McConnell do yesterday while he held his nose. They understand the danger of this president of the United States, and it’s damn past time that some of them step up and say we have to save the republic in these next few months, in this national emergency, because we are in a national presidential emergency, and those guys know it. McConnell knows it. He understands it. And it’s time that they take some action to protect the United States of America from this president.”


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