Jen Psaki Offers RIDICULOUS Defense Of Joe Biden

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This has to be a joke right?

In a recent interview with ABC’s “The View,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to defend the Biden administration and stated that they were not “ripping kids from the arms of their parents” like former President Donald Trump and his administration did.

According to Breitbart, co-host Meghan McCain asked Psaki, “This week, a migrant facility that operated under the Trump administration for only a month in September of 2019 is being reactivated to hold up to 700 children ages 13 to 17. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly spoke out against kids in cages. I feel like this is the same thing, and that you’re still detaining kids at the border, and it’s not meaningfully different than what President Trump was doing.”

Psaki then replied, “Absolutely not, the same thing Meghan. We are not ripping children from the arms of their parents. That is horrible and something we saw in the last administration, but we’re seeing kids are fleeing prosecution. They’re fleeing really difficult circumstances in their home country, and they’re coming to the border, and we have to figure out how to treat them humanely and team them safe and keep them safe, and in a time of COVID. We had to have educational services, so we could have legal services and medical and health services and have those kids in there treated humanely until we can find proper homes, family placements for these kids. This is incredibly difficult. It’s heart-wrenching, and it’s a really difficult decision, and it’s the best decision we could make to keep these kids safe until we can get them to the right places and the right homes.”

McCain doubled down on Psaki and asked, “I just wanted to know, are you or are you not detaining children in a different facility?”

Psaki replied, “Well, Meghan, this is a facility that was reopened. It was revamped, and it was redone to have these kids in a place where they could have access to educational services, health services so they could find proper homes. We can’t send them directly to families that haven’t been vetted. We’ve seen issues with that in the past. We can’t have them all in the former HHS facility because of COVID, and we need to make sure there are safety protocols, so they’re not in beds next to each other.”


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