Democrats Worried, Biden’s Mental State In DECLINE

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How is this man going run against President Trump?

During a recent appearance on ABC’s “The View,” 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden left liberals across America worried after he delivered a very confusing answer to a question about the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Breitbart News, Sara Haines asked Biden, “We talked about Trump saying the government would reassess the recommended period for keeping businesses shut and people at home. Are you at all concerned as Trump said that we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself?

Appearing to be confused, Biden replied, “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse, no matter what. No matter what. We know what has to be done. We know you have to— you’re tired of hearing the phrase, you got to flatten that curve where it’s going up like this, people getting it, and then it comes down. We got to flatten that curve, and we got to make sure that once, in fact, we have this under control, it doesn’t come back. So we should be focusing on getting all the help necessary in terms of testing, in terms of access to the gear that our first responders, our doctors, our nurses need in treating people.”

Adding, “We should be getting extra beds, hospital beds in the major cities around the country, in the rule areas. I have a map here. You can’t see it. A map here from the docs that sent it to me. There’s a number of areas in the middle of the country and up north where, in fact, there are no ICU units. We have to get help there. We should be focusing on surging data, surging equipment, surging testing, surging all this information, and all this capability around the country. That’s the first and foremost thing we should be doing instead of waiting around.”



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