Obama Family Pushes The Envelope

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They are holding more interviews than Joe Biden!

In another interview with CBS, Michelle Obama sparked more controversy when she claimed that she and her husband will not meet with or talk to anyone who hasn’t taken the COVID vaccine.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Obama told CBS’ Gayle King, “You wanna hang out with us? Get your vaccine. Get all of it. Finish it up. And then we can talk. So I urge everybody out there within the sound of our voices, please, please get the vaccine. It’s time.

She then said, “All I can say is that I have tried to live a life where I don’t lie to people. And the science behind a vaccine is the same science that’s behind aspirin and insulin.”

Sadly, it looks like the Obama family is holding more interviews and press conferences than even President Joe Biden and his wife.


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