Disgraced Liz Cheney Speaks Out After Being Ousted

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Here’s what she had to say…

Recently on NBC, Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) said during an interview that she intends to be “one of the leaders in a fight to help to restore our party.” Cheney’s comments come after she was removed from her leadership role within the GOP.

According to Breitbart, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked, “Are you the leader of the opposition in exile right now in the Republican Party?”

Cheney stated, “I intend to be the leader, one of the leaders in a fight to help to restore our party. In a fight to bring our party back to substance and principles, and in a fight to make clear that we won’t participate in the really dangerous effort that’s underway.”

Guthrie replied, “A lot of people frame this as a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.”

Cheney said, “This is the opening salvo, and it’s a battle we have to win because it’s not just about the Republican Party. It’s about the country.”

Guthrie responded, “The Trump political team is actively looking to coalesce around a primary challenger to you. What is your message to them?”

Cheney stated, “You know, bring it on.”


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