Buttigieg VOWS Biden Will Take Presidency

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[Image credit : ABC News]

Democrats are trying to brainwash America.

Former South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg pushed back at any election controvery and vowed that 2020 president-elect Joe Biden will take the presidency on inauguration day no matter what.

According to Breitbart, Buttigieg stated, “The bottom line is, uncertainty is bad for the economy. There’s no uncertainty over who the president-elect is going to be. There’s no uncertainty that Joe Biden will put his hand on a Bible on January 20, take the oath and become the President of the United States. But there’s a lot of uncertainty now over whether this transition will be well managed. And that does have a very real, very specific cost.”

The former South Bend mayor then said, “Look, the last time we had a crisis anywhere near this big, 2008-2009. And the outgoing Bush administration, to their credit, worked with the incoming Obama/Biden administration on things like rescuing the auto industry, figuring out what to do with the financial system because they knew that you couldn’t just take a break and hope that nothing terrible would happen in those few weeks when the system was blinking red and the house was on fire. It’s the same thing right now. And so, look, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, not known for being a Democrat-friendly organization, this is not about politics for them. What they are saying is the economic cost of the obstruction of the failure to cooperate is real, even though it has no bearing on the simple fact that Joe Biden is going to be our president in a matter of weeks.”


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